The car protects the President

September 30, 2020 1:43 pm


The president of the USA is a very important person. Sadly several of them have been the subject of assination attempts. Some, like in the case of Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy have been successful. Others, like the one Ronald Reagan, have not. With this in mind the security forces of the USA have realised that the only safe option is to put the President in a tank. However it rather scares people to see their leader rolling around in top grade military hardware, nor does it do anything for delicate diplomacy. The authorities have cleverly come up with a solution, make the tank look like a car.

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Enter “the Beast”. On the face of it, it appears to be a simple Cadillac. However, looks can be very deceiving. The glass for example is bullet proof. Ask a Gloucester Double Glazing company and they will confirm it. Gloucester double glazing from Firmfix may not offer bullet proof glass but it is certainly perfect for the home. What other features does the Beast boast.

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Apart from deflecting bullets it can keep out poisonous gas attacks, The car has tear gas canisters at the front in case a mob want to cause some trouble. Not only that there, are several pump action shotguns on board should the security staff need to make a point. The car has 8 inch armour plating and it contains an oxygen tank  plus bags of the President’s blood.