Important tools for financial advisors

April 21, 2020 2:49 pm


Financial advisors require certain tools to be effective in their work. These include:

Financial Planning Software

This may seem like obvious advice, given that many advisors are already using digital platforms for financial planning. For those who still question the value of financial planning tools, they are great to show clients their goals, and the steps that will be done to help them achieve their goals. Modern financial planning tools are very dynamic and efficient, helping to demonstrate information like plans for retirement, creating budgets, the management of debt, as well as a range of possible tax situations. For IFA back office software to aid your business, consider an IFA back office software package from a company like Intelliflo.

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The use of automation for email marketing helps a financial advisor to efficiently deal with all incoming and outgoing communications such as those to customers, leads and prospects. The order of email for each new user can also be set up, such as automatic “birthday” emails to customers or clients, for example. You can also set scheduled emails to remind clients about upcoming appointments.

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Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Consider CRM as a digital rolodex and brain combined. Put simply, a CRM helps you keep track of existing clients and all your potential leads. A CRM includes many details such as contact information, record conversations and personal details of the client. A CRM can show your clients that you are prioritizing their needs and consider the important relationship. A strong CRM system will provide the ability to integrate with other commonly used services, access to data on the go, as well as automation of workflow processes.