Category: Nature

The Wonders of our universe

Posted on: June 30, 2022

We are constantly learning more and more about our universe. The sun that is at the centre of our solar system provides the heat and the light that is needed for life to survive on our planet. There are times when the sun can cause our office environments to become…

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Four Trees that you can find in the Amazon Rainforest

Posted on: February 4, 2022

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most diverse places on earth when it comes to nature. There are millions of species which live in this unique ecosystem. The Amazon rainforest is a vast expanse that is not only important to the plants and animals that live there, but due…

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The wonderful world of Robin’s

Posted on: January 5, 2021

Robins are a bird that we see in abundance during the autumn and winter months. For many they signify the start of winter and for others the visiting of a loved one who has passed. If you live in one of the residential park homes offered by companies like Park…

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Biodiversity And Why It Matters In Gorilla Habitats

Posted on: September 26, 2019

Gorillas live in rich and diverse habitats – complex ecosystems in which plants and animals are closely intertwined in codependent relationships. Image Credit Gorillas hold a particularly special place in our hearts, perhaps because they appear so human and yet so elusive. With many primate species living in habitats under…

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