Clever wardrobe storage ideas

August 23, 2021 2:52 pm


If you are looking for clever but effective ways to store your clothing and accessories, you might want to take a quick look through our tips below.

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Shoes – either have a shoe rack that stands alone in your room or look at clever ways to store these. Shoe boxes can be bought that allow you to place your shoes in their pairs, in a box and store this either in the bottom of your wardrobe or underneath your bed.

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Old clothes – if you have old clothes that you want to keep but don’t wear very often. Or perhaps you like to have your clothes hanging seasonally, you can look at vacuum bags. These bags allow you to fold your clothing, place it in the bag before you remove the air using a vacuum. After you have removed the air the bag will have decreased in size which means you can store this in your wardrobe, under your bed or even in your attic space. This will then leave more space in your wardrobe for clothing that you love such as the ETO denim jeans that you buy from places like EJ Menswear.

Accessories – belts, scarfs, gloves and hats can be difficult to store and they are often the items that end up lying around at the bottom of a drawer or appear at the bottom of your wardrobe. There are a number of accessory holders that allow you to hang these all all together on one hanger or you can find wardrobe storage boxes that look stylish that allow you to place them in a drawer away from sight.