How to Master the Geek-Meets-Chic Trend

June 3, 2020 12:24 pm


How to Master the Geek-Meets-Chic Trend

Thanks to TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and the Gucci AW15 catwalk show, the whole “geek-meets-chic” trend is in full swing this summer and will probably run well into the Autumn too. But what is it? It basically sums up how a very stylish librarian might dress…at the weekend. It mixes classic and sophisticated geek styling with an edgy chic appeal to create the ultimate combination of “opposites attract”. Here’s how you can achieve it:

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Unusual Layering

Instead of opting for the classic cardigan over top layering, try mixing it up a bit with clashing striped pieces and multiple colours. It may sound like a complete disaster, but it surprisingly works. Tone things down again with a navy pinafore to emphasize the librarian side of the look. Brogues or Chelsea boots look perfect with this outfit.

Skater Dress                                      

Skater dresses came into style a few years ago and they are still pretty popular. Choose your favourite skater dress and pair it with a denim shirt and boots to finish off the look. For the ultimate geek-meets-chic style, try layering a shirt on top and don’t forget to button all the way to your chin to slay this geeky chic look.

Polo Necks

This may be a better option for the colder months up ahead. Cosmopolitan states that in order to achieve the best geeky chic look, polo neck dresses are an absolute must have. They can be dressed up or down, but ribbed styles are the most effective in achieving this look.

Vintage Denim

Denim is a huge part of this trend. Try styling a vintage shirt, retro trainers and a pair of womens designer jeans to complete the look. A pair of brogues will add to the overall effect.

High Waist Trousers

You really can’t nail the chic meets geek trend without a trusted pair of high waist trousers, jeans or skirts. These are so easy to accommodate because you can keep your blouse out of tuck it in to emphasise that gorgeous waist line.

Buttoned Skirts

Skip the plain skirt at the back of your wardrobe, and pull out your nearest buttoned up skirt. These are bang on trend this season, particularly those in suede or denim. You can pair this with a simple t-shirt to emphasise the “geek” aspect of the trend. You could even tie a checked shirt around your waist for a bit more edge.