Three Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

January 6, 2022 5:04 am


Invented in India and popularized by tennis players in France, the polo shirt has become a fashion essential for men of all ages. It is smart, sporty, elegant, casual – many things for many occasions. Here are just three of the ways you can wear a polo shirt to get the most from the versatility of this much-loved item.

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The Solo Polo

The polo looks great on its own, unadorned, for a smart-casual look. Subtle choices can make big differences: long sleeved or short sleeved, tucked into the waistband or left loose, however you wear it you’ll exude relaxed confidence and unostentatious style.

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Reviving the Suit

There was a time when all men wore suits in public, at work, on nights out and even on days off at home. Those days are long gone, and the suit’s popularity has suffered but try wearing one with a polo instead of a dress shirt and you’ll be amazed by the transformation. Instead of stuffy and formal, as if you’re heading for a job interview, suddenly it’s cool and sophisticated. The fashion alchemy is remarkable.

Post-War Glamour

If you think of the great style icons of cinema and sport you’ll see the polo shirt everywhere, from Cary Grant to Clint Eastwood, from Paul Newman to Pele. Recapture some of the glory of the Jazz Age and the world of Jay Gatsby by pairing a polo with pleated trousers. The look is powerfully retro but wonderfully timeless.

The polo shirt, like blue jeans before it, is a great leveller. Men from all walks of life treasure it, including some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Because it is so flexible every leading men’s fashion brand has its own line of polo shirts. Among the most popular are mens Ralph Lauren polo shirts, which carry strong associations with Ivy League universities and the New England elite but at EJ Menswear we understand the importance of choice, so we stock an extensive range including shirts by Lacoste, Ted Baker and Superdry.

The polo shirt has found its way into the hearts of both the fashion conscious and the merely casual, but it can make a strong, positive statement in any situation. Don’t mistake its simplicity for dullness. It’s a dynamic creation with a rich past and an extremely bright future. Wear it with pleasure, confidence and pride.