Computer screens and the issue with our eyes

August 14, 2020 6:03 pm


We spend an enormous amount of time looking at computer, tablet and laptop screens. This is a phenomena of the twenty-first century that is only now being recognised for the issue it is. Once a pitchfork or a hammer was the most common tool that we used at work, now it is a monitor. What is this doing to our eyes? At least there is one way we could counter some of it. Decent Draughtsman Chairs allows you to set the space that you sit away from the desk from allowing you to give the eyes a rest.

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The issue is known medically as Computer vision syndrome or CVS for short. Medical practitioners have cited this as a digital eye fatigue brought on by looking at a computer screen for anywhere up to 6 to 9 hours a day. For many office workers this is a common occurrence made even worse by the ability to work on laptops on the way home or access email and PDF’s etcetera on mobiles and tablets. This seems to affect women more than men which also highlights female job roles in the modern era.

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There are 4 symptoms. The first is a constant dry eye that causes pain. The second is a form of eye strain as the ocular nerve attempts to digest information. The third is a difficulty in focusing and finding things a blur. Finally there are related non eye conditions like neck pain and headaches.