How can Stroking a Cat or Dog benefit the health of a Care Home Resident?

July 27, 2020 4:01 pm


Lowering blood-pressure, reducing heart-disease, calming anxieties and increasing the bodies natural relaxation hormones are just some of the benefits of stroking a pet Cat, Dog or other domesticated animal.  Many Residential Care Homes around the Country such as a Care Home Taunton in Somerset bring animals into their facilities for their Service Users to stroke and handle.  Bringing pets into Care Homes has been shown to have helped many elderly, long-term Residents with Dementia to socialise with each other, reduce their anxieties and encourage them to participate in other activities.

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Some Care Homes actually allow their Service Users to bring their beloved pets into the Residential Home with them when they move there.  Others have one or two live-in pets for their Residents to handle and some bring animals into their Homes on an occasional basis.  We are a Nation of animal lovers and thousands of families around the Country include an animal as part of their daily lives.

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Bringing the joy of stoking an animal and socialising with them on a regular basis into Care Homes has certainly become more and more popular and the benefits have become clear for all to see.  Many anxious residents who previously had refused to participate in any activities or even come out of their rooms have been tempted out of self-isolation and calmed by the touch of a fluffy dog or cat.