The impact of Joseph Lister on the medical world

April 11, 2022 6:06 am


There have been many people throughout history who have shaped the industries that they work in. Those who work in Support Worker Jobs Gloucester way will have heard of Florence Nightingale, Alexander Fleming and Joseph Lister. All of these individuals and many more have shaped the careers of those looking for Take Five Healthcare Support Worker Jobs and other jobs in nursing.

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Joseph Lister was born in 1883 in Essex in the United Kingdom. He grew up in a Quaker family, and his early education was undertaken in Quaker schools that focused on natural history and science. It was whilst studying at these schools that he grew a passion for studying anatomy. Determined to follow his love of science, Lister graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine from University College, London, in 1852.

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By 1861 he had been appointed as a surgeon to Glasgow Royal Infirmary. During the time, there was a real problem with patients dying from what we now know as operative sepsis. The hospital created a new block that contained the wards that Lister was in charge of, and they hoped that this new building would help to reduce the instances of sepsis. However, this was not the case. This led Lister to look at other ways to help bring down infection rates, and his work on the use of antiseptics began. He advocated for the use of carbolic acid as a way to dress wounds after surgery, and the instances of operative sepsis started to decrease.