The Importance of GP Sickness Insurance

April 19, 2021 2:12 pm


It is a sad fact that every year, hundreds of thousands of people go off sick from work and this includes essential workers such as doctors. You may think that this would not happen to you, but as the old saying goes, things are unpredictable. While insurance can’t prevent people from sickness or accidents, it can keep a business out of trouble when the worst happens. For more information on Surgery Insurance, visit a site like MPRS

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The importance of GP sickness insurance is highlighted by the simple fact that it means that you can be insured against the most common reasons for a doctor being off work. This can help provide the funds for a locum doctor to take their place temporarily.

Of course, locum cover may be required for circumstances that are not sickness related. For example, maternity or parental leave periods can also be covered with insurance to pay the costs of a temporary doctor.

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Locum costs can be quite expensive and whilst the NHS may reimburse some of the expense, it won’t cover all of it. This is why insurance is important. An insurance policy tailored to the needs of a doctor’s surgery can provide a safety net, protecting the practice from excessive expenses and from having a missing doctor which would result in missed appointments.