Bathroom Trends for 2021

November 19, 2020 3:34 am


If you are hoping that you will be getting a new bathroom for Christmas, here are the bathroom trends that we will be seeing in 2021 to help inspire you…


Marble – Marble is coming back into interiors and is going to be huge in 2021. As well as being extremely hardwearing, it adds that feeling of luxury to a room – perfect for a bathroom where you want to feel opulent for a while as you soak in the bath. Used around a shower wall, or as a sink unit it can be used in many places. Marble wallpaper is another great way that you can introduce this trend to your bathroom without needing new units.

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Wood – This is another material that is making a big comeback – it slipped out of fashion for a while but is coming back all over the home. For a bathroom engineered wood flooring is the perfect way to introduce a bit of wood to the room in a practical way, and it is also warmer on the feet than tiles.

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Dark Colours – From walls to baths, dare to go dark with your bathroom. A dark bath is a fantastic statement piece for a bathroom that looks ultra-luxurious especially when gold taps are used. Another option is to go for darker walls – don’t be afraid if your bathroom is small, embrace the size and envelop yourself with rich and cosy tones perfect for a relaxing bath.