Boiler Service Ensures Your Home Heating and Cooling Needs Are Met

July 1, 2021 5:34 pm


Regular yearly boiler service can mean the difference between a perfectly working system and expensive, stressful breakdowns due to clogged lines or other issues. A skilled technician  from a Boiler Service Bristol company visiting a property to service a boiler generally opens the unit up in order to clean the heating exchanger. They then may recommend to the homeowner any maintenance needs they may have which can range from oil replacements or other minor servicing items such as replacing a washer or dryer. If a repair is needed they may suggest it, and when they consider the cost of repairs they may offer to do them instead of taking the home in to have the issue fixed.

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A Bristol Boiler Service, although it may sound like a simple process is actually not as simple as most would think. Not only do they need to be qualified by a registered professional, but also the homeowner must make sure that all safety devices are working properly before having the boiler service. One of the main safety devices required is a gas safety device. Most homeowners neglect to purchase these, so the gas boiler can easily get caught on fire and seriously injured or even result in a fatal carbon monoxide leak.

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Many modern boilers are very quiet and energy efficient. These small benefits make them very appealing, but a more important benefit is the fact that the safety devices required to keep them working correctly every year remain in working order. Even if the heater blows up it doesn’t take long to blow up a gas boiler. It only takes a second to be electrocuted by a low voltage electric fuse. By purchasing these safety devices and having a regular boiler service the odds of having one of these tragic events reduce dramatically.