Building on Brownfield Land – What to be Aware of

December 2, 2020 4:44 am


Finding a home in the UK can sometimes be difficult – there is a shortage of homes that are suitable for first time buyers in particular, which means that the Government wants more homes to be built that are suitable. Another option is to build your own – but the first step in this plan can often be quite a challenge, and this is finding a plot of land to build on.

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As the UK is a small, yet densely populated country, there are large parts of it which cannot be built on, so as you can imagine this means that finding a suitable plot of land can be tricky. Something that councils do look favourably on is the development of brownfield land – in fact, many people are attracted to this for the reason that they are more readily available and not as expensive.


But brownfield land can come with its own set of problems. Because it is land that has been used for industrial purposes, it is highly likely to be contaminated. You will need a professional company who specialises in a land remediation service such as Soilfix to make sure that the land can be built on and is clear of all contamination before you even begin to build on it.

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Some common examples of contamination that can be found at brownfield sites are asbestos, Petro-chemicals and hazardous substances found underground. Builders are understandably wary of working on sites like this, so it is essential that it is thoroughly cleared of dangers before work begins on construction.