Caring for your Wooden Garden Furniture

July 28, 2022 11:45 am


Wood is a material that has long been used to build the things that we need. Nowadays, it is still a favourite building material, like these oak framed garages for example as well as wooden furniture, both indoor and out.

Although wood is a durable and strong material, like most things, if you take care of it well you are going to have wood that is longer lasting and looks better. If you have decided to get wooden garden furniture for your garden to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, here are some of the ways to keep it clean and care for it, to keep it looking its best…

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Cleaning – A great way to clean furniture made of wood is to make your own solution, which is cheap and easy! A warm sugar soap mixture is all that you will need, as well as a brush of course to scrub it. It is simple to do, just coat the furniture in the mixture, leave it on for a few minutes, then you can get onto it with the scrubbing brush.

Once you have done this, you can use a hose pipe to gently rinse it off. Do not be tempted to use a pressure washer on the wood, as this can be too harsh and strip some of the top layer of the wood off, which means that the wood will easily become damaged and broken.

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Oil – When the furniture is fairly new, the oil will most likely not be beneficial on garden furniture. However, furniture that has been used for a fair few years could benefit from oils – however softwood furniture will most likely need to be oiled and treated more frequently, so have a look at what wood your furniture is made from to determine the correct treatment and treatment frequency.

Damp – One of the main problems that people find with wood is damp and mildew. Of course, garden furniture is going to get wet, especially in this country! There are treatments that you can use on wood to combat damp and mould, however it is wise to check the type of wood that you have and make sure that the treatment is suitable.