Converting your garage into an office, workshop, gym or bar.

July 26, 2022 2:15 pm


If you are lucky enough to live in a house in Wiltshire, complete with a double, self-contained garage that has been fitted with Garage Doors Swindon, installed by a company such as  you might well decide to convert half of the space into an office, workshop, gym or bar. As you already have the garage in place you don’t have to seek planning permission from the local council to convert your secure outbuilding into two separate areas that suit your lifestyle better. If you are working from home and finding it difficult to concentrate when the children are there, especially throughout the long, six weeks summer school holidays, having a quiet office space out in your garage could be an ideal solution.

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You will still have plenty of room in the other half of the garage to use as a workshop or to even park your car away safely in the colder, winter months. If you don’t work from home, you could always convert half of your unwanted garage space into a gym.  With just a few modifications, you could install your workout equipment and spend any spare time you have getting fit, away from the rest of the family.  The other possible option for the conversion of your double garage could be a home salon?  If you have been cutting and styling hair for a professional hairdresser for several years and are fully qualified, you might decide you are ready to start your own business, taking your clients with you.  Having your own salon based in your garden could be the ideal location to start your fledgling business.

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The only difference with this idea is you will have to apply for permission to run a business from your home.  Once the refit has been completed and your clients start arriving your home salon could potentially earn you quite a lot of extra revenue.  You won’t have to worry about travelling to work anymore or the cost of petrol as your career is now literally based on your doorstep. This type of conversion should be planned and built by a professional builder to ensure the structure complies with all regulations and safety protocols. The last idea for your spare garage space is a home bar, this can be achieved easily and with little cost involved. Whatever you decide to convert your garage space into, make it work for you and your family.