Decorating rules for the bedroom

June 29, 2020 5:22 pm


A bedroom should be a haven to escape to, that contains all your favourite colours, decorations and fabrics. However, there are some basic rules to keep if you want to create a sophisticated bedroom:

Subtle colours

Avoid bright primary colours that are too harsh, choose calm tones of a monochromatic palette. Refer to aspects of colour theory: soft blues, lavenders, or greens are peaceful. Deep colours help set the atmosphere of cosiness and comfort. This may include chocolate, oranges or turquoise. Use paler versions of your favourite colours in the bedroom.

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Plenty of storage

To add a sense of calm to your bedroom, store things out of sight to give a minimalist look. The room will be quieter and airier. Consider a side table big enough and have a drawer or closet, behind which you can hide books, cosmetics or whatever you need but want to get out of sight. Consider an ottoman at the bottom of the bed to store sheets, pillows and other bedding. For easily accessible storage, choose a bed with built-in shelves or sliding panels. Also consider Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes from a site like

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Keep simple

Your bedroom should look calm, simple, classy and elegant, no matter what decorating style you choose. To facilitate ease of movement, leave at least three feet between the bed and the wall or large pieces of furniture and at least two feet between the bed and low furniture, such as tables and dressers. Furnish your bedroom with just what you need. A bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser, and a chair are necessities.