Different Types of Solid Oak Trusses Available

July 1, 2021 4:59 am


An Oak truss is no doubt not only limited to usage on the architectural front, but it holds paramount importance in the home interior decor. One should also look into the details as to whether the material they are purchasing actually possesses the strength and durability that are required from them. This can be determined based on how the manufacturers have marketed their products and this is where a comprehensive knowledge on oak trusses would come in handy. A company like Timberpride is a great place to start. There are several online portals where one can go through the relevant texts and reviews about the various types of timber used for constructing trusses. A comprehensive knowledge about the different kinds of woods that constitute these building materials will not only help you in your selection process, but will also help you to make an informed decision when it comes to the type of timber that you need to buy.

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The typical residential oak truss is made from either single or twin plank construction and in either case the width of the truss should be at least 4 inches. There are also some varieties of the oak truss which are manufactured from a combination of timber like the tongue and groove board truss. Single plank construction of the oak trusses is known to be the strongest among all the types of timber trusses and hence they are most commonly used for exterior applications. Twin plank construction of these trusses consists of two parallel slats of wood which are attached together by a flexible joint. These types of trusses are ideal for applications where the joist has to be securely installed. The pre-manufactured raised tie beam trusses are manufactured as a single piece and are fastened with bolts with nuts at the bottom.

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If you have decided to build a wooden house then you will have to consider solid oak trusses since these are the traditional materials that are used for building doors and windows and such like applications. You will also need to consider the type of beam work you will require for your project. For large structures, which are a bit complicated to build then you need engineered beams which are created using a high quality metal. You can also use handmade or solid oak beams for your project as long as you ensure that the beams are properly sized. You can have engineered and handmade beams as long as they meet the requirements of the building project in question.