Getting rid of draughts

May 5, 2021 7:21 pm


What are draughts? If  you have ever sat in your family home and suddenly felt a chill breeze it’s not a spooky presence but is more likely a draught. These are fissures and cracks that the home has built up  that allow for the cold outside to get in and rob the home of the heat you have so carefully  just built up to keep you warm.

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Cracks and fissures might sound a bit extreme. We are not referring to huge ones in the walls. Rather you will find them around the edge of your window sills out the edge of the skirting board and floor. Other most common places are the crack under the door. What can be done about this slow leakage of heat? There are a few simple answers.

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First of  all get some sealant around the windows and check they are all ok . This will quickly solve the problem. Again filler is used for around the skirting boards to make the place as tight as possible. Door draught excluders are a great addition. Many are of a simple skirt design that sits just above the floor that screw in to the bottom of the door frame. Alternatively you can sew some stuffed ones!


The other less well known option is to get some Downlight Covers from a company like  Thermahood Direct. These are incredibly useful as they stop the heat from an LED light just escaping out into the outside. When they are installed it can leave a small gap. The Cover stops the dreaded draught and keeps your heat down low.