How an clerk can help with Inventories

June 29, 2020 5:30 pm


A clerk is a professional trained in the specific requirements for carrying out inventories in rental properties at the start and end of a tenancy and in some cases these are also carried as a part of an annual inspection by the landlord or agent. They are often a part of a Letting Agency Gloucester company and will also undertake other work such as showing prospective renters around properties.

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By understanding the needs of the documents to be completed accurately and the importance behind them both for the landlord and the tenants a Clerk is the perfect professional to complete this for you. Here are some of the ways that they can help with your inventories.

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  • Training – their training means that they accurately complete the inventory and can make the professional judgement of whether something has been subjected to wear and tear or whether damage has occurred. Being able to make this distinction is key for tenants and landlords to know whether any payments need to be made for items to be repaired upon the end of a tenancy.
  • Guidance – the guidance provided in the inventory report gives the tenants a handy guide to refer back to in order to be able to ensure that they property is returned to an acceptable condition when they vacate the property at the end of their tenancy agreement.