Keeping your Home Well Protected from Burglary

February 23, 2022 8:40 am


Your home is your sanctuary, and it is the place where you can relax and shut the rest of the world away. Unfortunately, when your home is burgled, as well as the loss of your belongings, this can also feel like an invasion of your personal space and can cause a lot of upset and mental trauma. Protecting against burglary is important, especially as we are once again spending much more time out of the house compared to the last couple of years. Burglars will use this opportunity, so make sure that your home is prepared and secured.

When it comes to your garden, consider both the front and the back of the home. The front is where most visitors will access your property, but often burglars will pose as someone else as a way to gain access to your home or to scope it out for another time when they will return. So having a good way to prevent them from gaining access to your property, such as gates like those supplied by this electric gate company Gloucester is a good idea.

If you have a front wall, keep it low. Burglars ultimately don’t want to be seen and many people like the idea of lots of foliage at the front of the home – however this offers them a place to hide so keep boundaries low and easily visible.

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When it comes to the back of the house however, the opposite rule applies – keep fences high and as deterring and hard to climb as possible. If there is any damage to the fence get it repaired so that they are not able to slip in through a gap. You can also plant thick and spiked plants around the perimeter of the garden to make access even more difficult. In both places, front and back, make sure that you have security lighting as this will help to put a burglar off entering as it will be riskier for them.

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Cameras and alarm systems are also something that are strongly advised when it comes to making your home more secure. Many modern security systems link up to your phone – this way you can keep an eye on your home when you are not there, even if you are abroad on holiday. Alarms act as a great deterrent too.

As well as your home itself, make sure that other buildings are secured, such as the shed and garage. Sheds attract burglars as they often contain high value tools and machinery so make sure that they are well secured with decent locks, and garages are also attractive for the same reason. Burglars might try to enter these buildings even if your house itself is well secure so make sure that you extend that same level of security to outbuildings as well.