Living in a healthy home

March 23, 2022 6:23 am


For a long time, it was thought that health was simply “the absence of any disease,” but that concept has evolved greatly in recent years. Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines itself as “a state of physical and mental and social wellbeing”.

How can we ensure that we have a healthy lifestyle when the food we eat is full of additives, the air we breathe, flooded with pollutants and we have little to no time to exercise?

Moving to a home like a park home Gloucestershire based property like those provided by can give you access to local produce from a farming community and fresh air from all the forests.


Today there is no doubt that food plays a basic role in the proper functioning of the body.  What we eat and when we eat has a huge impact on our lives.

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Unfortunately, today’s society tends to a sedentary lifestyle, which involves a great lack of movement, short and long term, results in autointoxication, circulatory problems, muscle atrophy and overall stiffness of the body.

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Living in a home situated in beauty with great like-minded neighbours can be great for mental wellbeing.  This is proven to be as important as any other form of health.  In fact there is now a strong belief that the gut is important for mental wellbeing.