The eternal battle between the Hover and the Roller.

September 30, 2020 4:41 am



It started in the 1970’s. Forget the industrial strife or the huge rise in petrol prices. Forget the continuing tensions of the Cold War. The real focus of division was growing in Britain’s gardens and matters were coming to a head! The debate that was starting this rage was clear, battle lines were drawn. Did you mow your lawn with a new style hover mower or did you stay true to the old roller. If you’re a roller and wheel kind of person then you might need some Mountfield Spares like those available from


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The opening public salvo was first fired by the Rollers. The admen came up with a winner, “It’s a lot less bovver than a hover” intoned a bucolic voice and the standards were raised. What were the main debating points?


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The hover seemed like the perfect tool for lawn cutting. A large horizontal rapidly rotating blade generated a huge amount of cutting power that it literally made the unit hover. It could glide with ease over the lawn giving a nice even cut. It could also manage the sides of banks and rough ground. A push along mower used several rotating cylinder blades that would cut and fling the grass into an attachable box at the rear. It was hard work to push it.


The Hover did not do that. It just chucked out the grass everywhere. Mean that you had to brush it up afterwards. The debate continues.