Things to Consider when Embarking on your own Self-Build Project

September 15, 2020 4:47 am


Deciding to build a home of your own is a huge decision and shouldn’t be made lightly. Many people go into it seeing only the positives (of course there are many) but not so much the problems and setbacks that can occur. It is important before you embark on building your own home that you spend time thinking and considering every aspect of your homebuilding journey.

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Building a house is a huge commitment, and if you are already quite stressed by other commitments in your life, now is not the best time to build. After all, you want your family to stay intact to enjoy the newly built house!


Finding a plot is the part that many people can struggle with – some people have high expectations, didn’t realise the prices of land or simply have no idea where to look, so do plenty of research first. Look online, ask around the local area, and look at planning maps to help you with your search for a plot.


You will need to hire contractors to help you with your build, so make sure you get this right! You hear many nightmare stories of builders not turning up, taking a lot longer than they first said they would or are simply disorganised and poor at communicating. Asking others for recommendations is a really good way to find a decent builder that you can rely on.

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When it comes to the design of your home consider how you will use it. It is a good idea to hire an architect who will be able to point out things that you may not have thought of and advise how you can use the space best.