What Damage Can Storms Do To Properties?

May 26, 2022 3:17 pm


When it comes to storms, homeowners should be aware of their property’s potential damage. Wind, for example, can blow trees, branches, and other objects as well as knock tiles off a roof, and also damage nearby asphalt and landscaping. Wind damage can also cause power lines to be damaged. Thankfully, the UK doesn’t experience bad storms very often but even mildly inclement weather can cause damage to the exterior of your property.

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If the storm leaves your property damaged, you should assess the damages and take steps to fix after contacting your insurance company. A professional inspection will identify any storm damage that has already occurred and provide you with an accurate quote.

If you are in need of home insurance, make sure that it covers the damages caused by a storm. The amount you receive depends on the limits of your policy and the amount of deductible that you agreed to pay. Damage might also take the form of water ingress or flooding. Windows might be shattered by hail and a lightning strike could cause an electrical fire in extreme cases.

The most common damage caused by stormy weather in the UK is tiling being ripped from roofs and fences brought down. If you need the services of a Fencing Gloucester firm, go to Greenfields

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Storm damage is often covered by home and business insurance policies, and deductible amounts will determine how much you have to pay. However, keep in mind that you can’t always expect storm damage to be covered by your insurance, so make sure that you check your policy wording carefully.