What is a Building Survey?

April 7, 2021 2:44 pm


A building survey, previously called a full structural survey or even a structural inspection and in some cases still known as a structural survey, is perhaps one of the most detailed and important home inspections you can get. It is similar in many ways to your typical homebuyer survey in which it details various aspects of a structure and provides details of its current state and any possible problems, but a structural survey is usually more suited to older properties or those requiring extensive repairs. It also saves time and money for the owner, because it reveals much more than just the basics like whether there are any damp walls or if there are any structural defects. It reveals everything from the heating and cooling system to leakages, cracks, expansions and compartments (if there are any) as well as identifying any asbestos or other health hazards. It may even reveal hidden moisture seepage or a leaky roof. This is why you need to get Building Survey Chelmsford experts Sam Conveyancing on the case.

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A qualified structural engineer conducts the survey, which involves designing and creating an accurate model of the entire property, then takes the measurements and creates a drawing. Once this is complete, it is delivered to the client for their perusal.

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Structural surveys are usually non-binding and rely only on the honesty and precision of the surveyor and the information provided by the client. Since a property is a large investment, it’s always advisable to consult a professional before purchasing a home so as to avoid surprises down the line. Building surveys are essential for anyone who’s looking to buy, rent, or sell.