One of the best rooftop film scenes ever made

August 28, 2020 5:12 pm


The roof is a most interesting place for a film scene. It is usually flat and offers great panoramic views of the surrounding area. It is a place where there is danger but it can also be used to convey control and possibility. As the characters look out over the city or the landscape they are usually discussing the future and the idea is that they can see for miles. Another way it is used is to suggest that the events they are in are bigger than everything around them. This was certainly true of one of the most iconic rooftops scenes in cinema history. This is Roy Batty’s Tears in Rain speech after he has inexplicably saved Deckard from falling to his death. Naturally you would need the roof to be in top notch condition and, a Roofers Norwich based company would be very much up to the job.

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Blade Runner is a cult sci fi film from 1982. It features a dystopian Earth full of hover cars and huge Skyscrapers that dwarf our own. The mega corporations are in charge but there is a working police force. Deckard is a Bladerunner, a person who hunts for replicants, biological robots that are undetectable from humans. They only live for four years and a group of them have escaped to Earth and want more life. Deckard has to find them.

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There are at least seven different versions of the film but all of them include Rutger Hauer’s final speech to camera. Batty’s body is beginning to rundown and he tries to convey to Deckard all he has done and seen in his short four years. With his words he suggests that he has lived more than a lifetime than others.