What is the periodic table

January 31, 2022 6:30 pm


The periodic chart is a list of all of the chemical elements that we have found. They are listed in descending order. It is the most commonly used tool in chemistry, physics, and other scientific fields. It is used as a way of having a universal chart of the elements that is not affected by translation across different languages. This means that discoveries and research can be undertaken across the world and the results shared as the atomic numbers do not change throughout the world, even the element itself has a name that is translated hundreds of times.

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The periodic table is organised into groups, with rows and columns of similar elements. The vertical columns are called groups. The first group contains alkali metals, which are made up of oxygen and hydrogen and have a pH that is greater than 7. The next group has the noble gases, which contain the elements gold and platinum. These groups show the metals that are similar to one another in some way.

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Many of the elements that are contained in the periodic table are metals. They are classed as inert but they all have varying degrees of properties that make them great for conducting heat and electricity. Copper is an example of this and the 15mm Copper Pipe that is sold by Watkins & Powis can be used in a number of plumbing activities.