The wonderful world of Robin’s

January 5, 2021 7:50 am


Robins are a bird that we see in abundance during the autumn and winter months. For many they signify the start of winter and for others the visiting of a loved one who has passed. If you live in one of the residential park homes offered by companies like Park Home Life you may want to encourage wildlife and Robins in particular into your garden. Here are some facts you may not know about these beautiful birds.

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It is thought that British gardens are an excellent habitat for Robins and it is thought that over 250 breeding pairs can be found per square mile. This could mean but every garden in Britain contained at least one nesting pair even if you don’t see them regularly.

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Robins often start building their nests in January. They often have up to five broods each season with each brood containing four or five eggs. Often the female bird will be incubating a brood of eggs whilst the male carries on feeding the previous youngsters.

Although Robins are territorial birds and were often say in the same location where they have previously reared young, they do not use the same nest more than once which is why you will often find abandoned nests in hedgerows and bushes.

You may wonder why with so many young birds being raised why we are not inundated with Robins in our gardens. This is because the life expectancy of a Robin is sadly just one year and many Robins do not survive the harsh winters that we have in Britain.