How a brownfield site can live again

May 28, 2020 3:49 pm


At one point the site, now designated as “brownfield”, was probably a hub of industry and commerce. It would have been a place where large amounts of people will have come and worked, socialised and formed a community. However, these primary and secondary industry areas such as mills, mining and heavy duty manufacturing have fallen by the wayside in the UK. The country has moved towards the admin, office and service based industry. What can be done with these old sites? What new purpose can they serve?

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In many cases the old primary/secondary industry site could be too far gone to simply reuse. However, this does not necessarily mean the end for it or that it has to remain behind closed doors and fences. Land Remediation Services are available to win that land back for a variety of uses. What is a land remediation service?

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What land remediation service will do is look at the soil and water quality that is present at the site. There is always a way back for the soil so that it can be used for rural farmland, housing and even a leisure industry site. This is done with a process of increasing the pH levels in the soil. Rasing in its temperature and introducing more moisture and oxygen is the next stage. This gives a boost to the natural bacteria in the soil to combat the contaminates and reduce it. There is always the option to remove the soil as well.