Try These Steps to Grow Your Blog

August 26, 2020 4:21 pm


When writing a blog it is sometimes easy to get discouraged, especially if you don’t see many visitors. So here are some strategies that might help with that.

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Practical Suggestions

Think about approaching your topic from a new angle. It might just widen your appeal and grow your audience. Make time to network and be active across social media, not just on one or two sites. Join niche groups on Facebook. If Keto cooking is your thing, join a Facebook Keto group or guest-post on a Keto website. If you have something interesting to say, people will want to find out more. Growing your email list is probably one of the top tips to increase traffic to your blog. Make it easy for visitors to subscribe and contact you through your website hosting – this way you can easily respond to their queries or contributions.

Website Upkeep

Make time for regular site maintenance, and change your landing page occasionally. This will keep your website looking current. Update pictures and video content too, as people generally enjoy visuals! Why not create a survey on your website and ask your audience for ideas about what they would like you to write about? Set yourself writing goals and make use of your phone or website calendar to remind you to keep them. And remember, just by using web hosting services you can make your site simple to navigate for visitors and easy to use too.

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Your Subscribers

Want to write engaging copy? Then write about what you love. Your creativity will flow and encourage your readers to come back for more! And keep your content ‘evergreen’. This will ensure your content remains relevant and saves time on rewriting. Give your audience value. If you are an artist, create free step-by-step courses. Invite your readers to share their masterpieces with you. If this really goes well, they will share their artwork with each other through your website. What an innovative way to drive extra traffic and subscribers to your blog! Finally, try giving your audience something to look forward to. If you are travelling around Australia, for example, write and post about your experience in real time. Don’t forget, as your audience will be waiting!

So these are some straightforward strategies you could use to grow your blog. By implementing a few, you might just see encouraging results.