What Is Hard Anodising Polymer?

April 27, 2021 6:37 pm


Hard anodising polymer is a very effective alloying agent that can be applied to many aluminium alloys, stainless steels and hot rolled steel to increase strength and reduce the price. Because this type of alloying does not require a cooling-proof application environment, it can be used on a wide variety of cold rolled products such as pipes, tubes, fittings for general engineering and construction purposes. Hard anodising polymer contains calcium bicarbonate which reacts with aluminium to form a hard, wear-resistant coating. This coating is highly desirable as it increases the strength of the product and improves its ability to resist corrosion from external impurities.

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A variety of different commercial applications including automotive alloy development, aircraft applications, marine applications, flat components and aerospace applications can benefit from hard anodising polymer. In the automotive industry, application of this chemical improves the fatigue strength of the braking system, which can be utilized in all kinds of automotive performance parts that are under stress while in use. Application of this material in aerospace applications includes using the material on the leading edge of airfoils to improve both their efficiency and aerodynamic properties. Many modern day aircraft are coated with hard anodised polymer as part of their coatings. They are also frequently anodised during the production process to avoid surface abrasions during processing.

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The advantages of applying this type of alloy are many; it is exceptionally low cost, high strength, has excellent ductility, is resistant to corrosion, has a high tolerance level, and is economical to run. Because it combines strength, ductility and low cost, it is ideal for many manufacturing applications. The most common use for hard anodising is on stainless steel and aluminium products where corrosion resistance, little distortion and excellent lubricity are important for quality performance.