Best places to go camping in Ireland

September 16, 2021 12:52 pm


Ireland is a relatively unspoilt island that still retains its charm even in the modern era. It has the big city in Dublin and Galway but in between and along its coasts are rural and picturesque landscapes that are just crying out to have a tent put up in them and enjoyed. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy this and get plenty of kit from Camping Shops Ireland.  Where are the best places to visit when you get there?

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  1. Crann Óg Eco Farm – Ireland is a very green country in more ways than just its fields and mountains. This site in County Galway is one of those. You can really get back to nature on this site as it has plenty of animals to befriend. Cooking is done in a covered area for a community feel.
  2. Pink Apple Orchard in County Leitrim. One of the most attractive draws to this site is that you get given a load of organic cider when you stay. It’s not not mass produced Magners either.

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  1. Rock Farm in Meath. If you want to lift things a little then this romantic location is one of the best places to go. It sits amongst trees that date back to ancient times. It’s nice to sleep amongst such history and perhaps you’ll have a really nice rest.
  2. Wave Crest, County Kerry. A chance to camp by the sea and wake up to a fantastic view of the Atlantic ocean crashing against the rocky coastline.