A Trip to the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin

August 21, 2020 6:08 am


Vladimir Lenin is one man who made enormous changes in the 20th Century. His revolutionary thoughts and movement – the Bolsheviks, which was the foundation of the Russian Communist Party, had affects which sent shockwaves through the rest of the Century and shaped the course of his country’s history.

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In the Red Square, just a short stroll from the gates of the Kremlin lies the tomb of Lenin. This attracts millions of visitors, all hoping to see the final resting place, and the preserved body of the controversial former leader and the father of Soviet Russia.

A trip to Russia is a fantastic experience, and with so much to see and do you may want to return several times! Just check that you have travel insurance – if you don’t you can visit Mark Richards an insurance broker in Bath – then you can go over and see this strange attraction for yourself, as well as the beautiful Saint Basils Cathedral and the Pushkin museum of fine arts among others!

You need to enter the tomb through a checkpoint where you will need to go through a security check. You cannot take in any bags and cameras must also be handed in to guards as photography is strictly forbidden inside the mausoleum.

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Other more unusual rules that apply inside is that hands must not be in pockets and men are not allowed to wear hats inside. You need to move slowly along in a line with others, but it is slow moving so you will be able to take everything in – including the body of the man himself!