Flame on for the Human Torch and Friends.

May 4, 2020 3:14 pm


The Fantastic Four have been one of the mainstays of Marvel throughout its existence. The exploits of Reed, Sue (his wife), Johnny (Sue’s younger brother) and their friend Ben Grimm have been documented since nineteen sixty one and the series and characters are still going strong today. There have been several animated and cinematic adaptations. The Four gain their powers when they are exposed to cosmic rays on a scientific space mission. It changes them in quite a few ways. Reed  has the ability to stretch like rubber, Sue becomes invisible and can create force fields whereas Ben turns into the super tough and strong Thing. Johnny gets the best one as he becomes “The Human Torch”, He can turn himself into a living flame and fly. Plus he can send out a blast from his hands like some kind of Thermal Plasma Spray.

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The Four set themselves up in the Reeds Lab atop the Baxter building and they commit themselves to the protection of the Earth. They have been very successful at this despite their humorous falling outs along the way.

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Their main enemy is the metal masked madman Doctor Doom. He has plotted and failed to overthrow them for the last 60 years!