Getting a Mixologist in to boost the bar

January 5, 2021 12:25 pm


One of the best things that bars are doing is not just relying on the good old established drinks that pubs have in stock for all of the year. Whilst there is something to be said for the traditional it’s a good idea to look at the work of a mixologist to come in and try something a bit different. Let them be unleashed on your public with the range of flavours and liquid creations to dazzle the senses. From bitters to Organic Vanilla Extract from Foodie Flavours they will concoct some super tasty potions.

A smart way to bring customers into the bar is to invent a signature cocktail. The aim is to produce something that has a high perceived appeal that individuals would like to sample, using any mixture of beverages as well as special ingredients available from your supplier of draught soft drinks.

Recent developments in detoxing and juicing have affected bars and some of the new drinks appear to have health benefits. Infusions of fruit are everywhere. From non-alcoholic versions and exotic drinks flavoured with citrus, berries, herbs and spices made with spring water and fruit. Try to invent a new edition of your own that is unique to your pub.

Tea might fall out of favour, but sales of coffee are on the rise. Turn your bar into a destination for coffee lovers to match high street chains and you might wind up with a fresh collection of clients. Hot chocolate is another winner, and with marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, you can make your own version.