Got an allergy? Get a wood floor

May 11, 2020 5:06 pm


If you suffer from asthma and Hay fever or other allergies you might be better off getting a wood floor rather than having an old fashioned carpet. Carpets are not as good as wood flooring in these circumstances as the traditional carpet has fibres. Fibres are woven into a weave and whilst this will keep your feet warm it also traps hair, skin, pollen and odours that can set off the allergies in people.

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This is not the case with Laminate Wood Flooring. All you have to do is give that a bit of  a dusting and a going over with an antiseptic wipe every week and the floor will stay smart and clean.

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Because it is covered in a laminate the spills that you get with a carpet that you can never remove is not even an issue here. The liquid simply cannot soak into the wood as it is protected. This is also true of floating pollen. It can settle into the fibres and stick there ready for you to knock it all into the air. All that you have is a place for the pollen and dust to hang around in. This is not an issue with the wood flooring, plus it looks better as well.