Have you heard of Faber Birren?

February 2, 2021 3:53 am


The chances are that unless you work in certain industries it is unlikely that you will have heard of the work of Faber Birren. Branding and marketing would not be the same following the work of this influential individual. He was born in 1900 and levied until he was 88 years old, He certainly packed in a lot of living in that time. What was it that he did and why do the Brand Strategy Agency of the world owe him a debt. Really Helpful Marketing are a brand strategy agency who can provide you with many answers to that and your own marketing needs.

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Birren was a master at understanding the use of colour. He was one of the first to realise that the twentieth century would be the first to embrace colour as the drab browns, greys and black we wore and used were replaced. Advances in the world of chemicals meant that colour was more affordable and available.

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He was able to advise firms and companies how best to utilise colour to maximise the performance of the company they owned in a variety of ways. Birrens genius lay in the fact that he had done extensive research into the historic use of colour as well. He influenced the production of everything from stationery products to that of glassware. However it was not only products that he successfully influenced. He was able to illustrate to companies how the use of colour could lift employees and shape the branding of a company so much so that its effect on customers was very noticeable from the off.


A prolific writer he published extensive books on the subject and created hundreds of samples to prove his point.