Retirement and a TV show? Which are the best

February 2, 2021 3:51 am


The subject of retirement is one of the richest in terms of material and subject matter for a TV show. Many feature a grizzled cop who’s seen too much finding himself dragged back into the murky world of crime as a part time private detective. However for most of us that thankfully never happens but it is interesting to see how people do spend their new found freedom from work and TV writers are good at developing this. One of the best places to spend those retirement years is one of the Residential Park Homes that are available.  A trip to will soon give you some ideas.

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  1. Grace and Frankie. Featuring two Grand ladies of American Film and Television Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda no less this centres on two successful women who suddenly find that their Husbands have been loved for over 20 years. Suddenly thrust together, they didn’t get on in the first place, we see them deal with retirement and the loss of the lives that they thought they knew.

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  1. The Golden Girls. This is a classic of an ensemble piece as a group of retired and widowed ladies come to live together along with a very rebellious and feisty mother. The show ran for many years and proved immensely popular with young and old alike.
  2. New Tricks. Remember the Part time Police men we mentioned? Here there are three of them as they can’t quite put some unsolved crimes to bed just yet. Working as part of the “cold case” department they all use their aging bit still keen skills to get to the bottom of uncracked cases yet still find time for their hobbies.