How fire shaped our futures

September 4, 2020 5:18 pm


Fire is incredibly important to our existence and it has shaped the way that we have evolved as human beings. It has allowed for certain innovations to be put into place and has allowed us to evolve as humans. It is still important to ensure that we look at the risks that surround fire and this is necessary especially in places of work where a Fire Risk Assessment Gloucester company can help you to ensure that you have identified all the possible risks and then put policies and procedures into place to help combat these.

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Fire allowed us to travel across the globe as it provided us with a way in which, as early humans, we could heat our food and warm ourselves so that the external environment could be manipulated to a small degree so that we could travel further outside of our original regions. As a result of allowing us to cook foods we were then able to eat more nutritious items which had a part to play in the development of our brains which then again has meant that we are able to further expand upon our experiences and then develop the way in which we live.

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Fire also allowed us to clear areas of dense bush land and trees so that we could grow crops that could then be farmed and not only provided us with food for our families but in time then gave us the option to sell crops to others which then started an entire agricultural industry.