Why I love the Winter time

September 7, 2020 3:29 pm


It’s certainly not to everyone’s taste nor is it seen as the best time of year but I have to admit I love the Winter time. Why is this the case? it’s grey, it’s windy, it’s wet and with our temperate climate it doesn’t even get that cold or snow. Perhaps there is a sense of melancholy that comes with the time of year that I like. Maybe it’s the clothes. You have to admit that the clothes and fashions are pretty good for this time of year. Being all wrapped up in colourful scarves and neat beanies is very enjoyable.

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It still gets quite cold and this is when you need the services of a Boiler Service Cheltenham based company to make sure that yours is ok and upto date. Although I do like the winter I don’t fancy freezing all the way through it!

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I think the thing I like the best is the stillness of the season. It’s as if everything has a blanket over it. There is less wildlife about which is a bit sad but when you see it like a Robin or Hare it really makes the season come alive.   I suppose it’s all about perception. Don’t forget that we have Christmas and New Years over the winter plus there is Burns Night and Valentines day as well. The food for the season is good and hearty too. Lots of nice big soups and sausage and mash, surely it is the best time for a curry or three as well.