How to define what your receptionist will do

November 26, 2020 4:20 am


We all need customer facing staff, they are the first thing that you see and the last thing when you arrive at a business and the last thing that you see. Those individuals are the receptionists in the office setting.

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But what should their job be, exactly?


Receptionists often work from a dedicated area in your business and it is important that you give them an appropriate desk space. If you are wondering where to find one, take a look at Bestbuyofficechairs who offer Next day delivery office desks. Once you have worked out where you want them to be working from in your building you will want to be thinking about what tasks you want them to complete.


Welcoming – a receptionist will often be responsible for welcoming visitors to your building and showing them to an area in which they can wait for their meeting to start. As well as physically greeting visitors your receptionist will often also answer the telephone and direct any calls to the relevant people in your business.

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Emails Рyou may also want your receptionist to answer any emails that come into your company’s generic email address. They can then pass these on, as is appropriate, to other members of staff to deal with.


Meetings – having your receptionist in charge of booking meeting room space is a great way to ensure that when your visitors arrive in your building that they can then be shown to the appropriate room.