Should I Choose Composite Decking?

July 14, 2022 7:58 am


The main advantages of composite decking include its low maintenance requirements. It does not require any painting, sealing, or staining, which means that it does not need much maintenance. In addition to this, it retains its beautiful appearance for a long time. The best part is that composite decking is also environmentally friendly. Because of its low maintenance requirements, it is more affordable than other types of decking. It also comes with a hidden clip system that makes it easy to install.

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Although composite decking costs more than real wood, they are much more durable and need less maintenance than wood decking. These products are also safer for pets and children. You can use composite decking for railings and stairs. Besides decking, it is also suitable for benches and treads. In addition, composite decking is more durable than wood and can last for many years without any maintenance. These factors make it a more popular choice for decking.

It is also durable, scratch-resistant, and fading-resistant. Composite materials don’t require much maintenance other than the occasional scrubbing. And, they can be purchased in a range of colours. If you’re looking for a more realistic wood look, consider composite decking. For advice from Timber Merchants Portsmouth, contact

Composite decking is made of recycled plastics and waste hardwood. It is composed of equal parts of wood fibre and plastic, along with pigments, ultraviolet inhibitors, and borate preservatives. Then, it’s heated and extruded to create a durable, slip-resistant surface. Some composite decking products are also splinter-free and require no screws to install. These benefits make composite decking a popular choice.

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While composite decking is definitely more expensive, it’s worth every penny. You’ll enjoy double the life of a typical wood deck, which means you’ll save money over the long-term. And because composite decking is easy to clean, you won’t have to deal with a dreary paint job again. And thanks to new designs, many of the traditional disadvantages of wood are now obsolete. These composite decking benefits make it an ideal choice for those who want to build an environmentally-friendly deck.

Composite decking is more environmentally-friendly than wood. The material is made of recycled wood and additives that don’t harm trees. Additionally, it doesn’t need any extra maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about sanding, painting, or staining it. The only thing you will have to do is clean it with soap and water a couple times a year. Obviously, spills will happen. So, you’ll want to find composite decking that offers a no-fade warranty.