The need for trees is always paramount

June 29, 2020 5:33 pm


Trees give us life. They do so much for the environment and the earth that we should be planting them everywhere we can and as many as we can. Why do we need trees so much? They are one of the largest contributors to maintain life on this planet. We need air to breathe so that we can live. One of the largest elements in Air is that of oxygen, twenty one percent to be precise. Trees take out our waste breath which is full of carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen. The trees need us as much as we need them.

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Trees not only perform this vital function. They also reduce the temperature of their surroundings. Trees literally absorb heat saving us the bother of energy guzzling items like air conditioning.

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They also perform a great job in keeping our mental health in check. It is proven that the presence and site of trees increase our sense of wellbeing by a considerable amount. In fact, it also proven that if a workforce can see trees form their work place they will have less occurrence of sick days.

Finally, as Southampton Timber Merchants will tell you trees still make the best furniture and outdoor fencing and decorative trellis for the garden.