Now get out of that! The art of Escapology.

September 25, 2020 3:45 pm


One of the most enduring acts of the stage is that of the escapologist. This daring individual is clapped in irons and placed in a mail bag with no possible means of escape other than themselves. For added spice sometimes they are thrown in a lake or suspended over a pit of fire for good measure. The outcome is that you watch a gyrating sack for about a minute or so before the escapologist jumps out just at the last minute or they appear at the back of the theatre and claim they’ve used teleportation.

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If they’d been held in something from a Locksmith Dublin company like Locksafe Locksmiths in Dublin then there is every chance that the escapologist would still be there now struggling to get out. How do they do it?

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First of all let us rule out the possibility that they have used teleportation. No human can do that apart from the crew members of the USS Enterprise. What we are witnessing is a clever sleight of hand trick. As the escapologist is lowered into a sack or a cabinet there is usually some fudge with a door or a disturbance of some kind. At that point the escapologist is able to unlock the fake locks but make it look like they are still secure. If they are placed in a box it is usually over a trapdoor on the stage. They are able to come out of the back of the theatre or elsewhere making it appear like they are capable of transporting themselves.