The Perfect Fried Breakfast – The Key Elements

June 30, 2022 5:48 pm


One of the biggest treats that we can enjoy is a fried breakfast. The full English breakfast is one of the wonders of British cuisine and it is a truly decadent way to start the day. There are many arguments, discussions and debates on what makes the perfect fried breakfast, and ultimately this comes down to personal preference.

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Some people prefer a scrambled egg, some must have black pudding whereas others detest it (if you don’t know what’s in it, it’s probably best not to look!) and of course should the beans be touching any of the other parts of the breakfast? These and others like it are all matters of serious debate, but ultimately, here are some of the components of a fried breakfast that can get it close to being perfect…

The Frying Pan – A full English breakfast is traditionally fried, so your tools are important here. The most crucial part of a good breakfast is arguably the non-stick frying pan – this is a coating. Like this PTFE coating which is put onto the pan and stops things from sticking, meaning that you need less oil and are not going to have to spend time chiselling bacon and eggs off the pan when you are done cooking! There are many types of pans on the market and all chefs will have a favourite, but as long as it is non-stick you should be fine.

The Eggs -Although there are many ways to cook an egg, a full English breakfast is most commonly served with fried eggs. What most people want is a yolk that is runny when you dip into it, so getting this perfect can be a challenge. There are lots of tools and tricks that can help you to make the perfect fried egg, but ultimately, it comes down to plenty of practise and trial and error to get this right!

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Presentation – The presentation counts for a lot and as previously mentioned, many people have a specific way of arranging a fried breakfast. When it comes to beans, the safest option is to have them separate, so then those people that like to have them on the rest of the breakfast can pour them on, and if not, they can keep them separate from the rest.