The Wonders of our universe

June 30, 2022 12:32 pm


We are constantly learning more and more about our universe. The sun that is at the centre of our solar system provides the heat and the light that is needed for life to survive on our planet. There are times when the sun can cause our office environments to become too hot. In these cases, you can use Brise Soleil like the ones from to help prevent the sunlight from directly entering the space.

There are seven wonders of our universe that are discussed in the BBC documentary of the same name. It takes a look at the following phenomenon.

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Enceladus’ Geysers – these are the water-vapour geysers that are found at the south pole of Saturn.

Rings of Saturn – these are the largest ring structures in our solar system and are made up of tiny particles that orbit the planet.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot – this red spot is, in fact, a high-powered storm that has lasted for a long period of time on the planet and is called an anticyclonic storm.

The Asteroid Belt – is located between Jupiter and Mars and contains lots of small asteroids and minor planets.

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Mars’Olympus Mons – this is the largest shield volcano that has been found on Mars and is thought to be over 13.6 miles high.

The Surface of the Sun – this is not a solid surface like on planet Earth. Instead, it is a photosphere that is the layer that emits light from the sun.

Planet Earth – our planet is thought to be the only one in our solar system that is capable of sustaining advanced life. The more we learn about it, the more wondrous it becomes.