Where can you see Cave Paintings?

September 9, 2021 1:16 pm


When it comes to art, one of the most enduring and inspirational subjects for art has been nature. Today artists create beautiful pieces of art like this Bronze Animal Sculpture by www.gillparker.com but this is certainly not something that is new. To find the first pieces of art inspired by the natural world, we must travel back thousands of years and to the caves of our distant ancestors. There are still many of these artworks in existence, here are a few places to go to see the cave art…

Bhimbetka – In the heart of India, this place is a treasure trove of ancient artwork. With paintings that are around 12,000 years old, you can see the many creatures painted here in red and white that the native people shared the land with. Tigers, Bisons and crocodiles can all be seen on the cave walls.

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Laas Geel – Head to Somalia to see some of the most well-preserved cave paintings in the world. The giraffes and dogs as well as the sacred cows adorn the cave walls, and they can clearly be seen in their striking bold colours due to the fact that they have lasted so well.

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Chauvet Cave – In the south of France, you will be able to see some of the oldest cave paintings to have ever been found – at an estimated 32 000 years old, these paintings were not discovered until the 1990s. They show lions, bears and the mammoth which of course is now extinct.