Four Trees that you can find in the Amazon Rainforest

February 4, 2022 12:30 pm


The Amazon rainforest is one of the most diverse places on earth when it comes to nature. There are millions of species which live in this unique ecosystem. The Amazon rainforest is a vast expanse that is not only important to the plants and animals that live there, but due to the huge number of trees, it is known as the lungs of the earth, an important way to produce the oxygen we all rely on to breathe – which is why it is so important that we protect this special place that has suffered immensely from deforestation. There are thousands different species of trees in the amazon rainforest, and many are unique to the region. Here are a few interesting trees that are commonly found in the Amazon rainforest…

Palla Tree (Attalea butyracea) – There are billions of these trees across the Amazon Basin area. They have been used by the native people for thousands of years as they are perfect for making the roofs for homes. The leaves are sturdy and strong – perfect for roofing. As well as this the tree leaves have also been used as a food, as they produce a milk-like substance when they are cooked and is great for health, as they are rich in antioxidants.

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The Rubber Tree Hevea Brasiliensis – These trees are sturdy and grow quickly, they can actually grow up to 40 metres tall. They are known as rubber trees as this is the tree that rubber is obtained from. It is taken from the tree in a process known as rubber tapping, and it can then be used by companies like this silicone moulding UK based company Meadex to create all sorts of rubber and latex things that we use in daily life. The natural rubber is something that was used by the indigenous people long before the rest of the world discovered it.

Palm Tree (Euterpe precatoria) – This is the most common tree in the Brazilian rainforest – there are over 5 billion of them throughout the rainforest. They do particularly well in the wet and flooded areas of the forest, thriving in these warm and damp conditions. The local people of the region also have long enjoyed the fruits from this tree and if you were to visit the area, they will often be served with chocolate or ice cream.

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Walking Palm (Socatea exorrhiza) – This strange looking tree has a main trunk which is supported by roots which have the appearance of many legs around the tree – giving it the name walking palm! Some say that the roots allow it to move gradually through the forest as it grows, seeking out sunlight, but scientists have not found any evidence of this. The wood has been valued by the local people for years as it is great for flooring in their homes.