What are rubber mouldings

May 26, 2020 4:09 pm


Rubber moulding is the way in which rubber is moulded into the shape required for the product that is being made. Rubber Moulding UK companies allow for rubber to be injected into the moulds allowing for more precise moulds to be used in a variety of different shapes and sizes from the small and intricate through to the larger and more expansive sizes.

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Rubber is a highly versatile material that is found in both natural and synthetic forms. Developing a synthetic version has revolutionised the way in which rubbed can be used and allows for large scale items to be made. It is a product that is used in many different sectors such as sport, health and manufacturing. Due to its elastic nature it can be used to make items from tyres for cars right through to wetsuit for those individuals that enjoy surfing and body-boarding.

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When using natural rubber the process to collect the liquid latex from the tree and then converting this into rubber can be time consuming, which is why synthetic rubber is often preferred for large scale applications. You can find rubber used in aerospace, motoring, medicine and health as well as a variety of other industries.