What’s the difference between Columns and Rows?

June 1, 2020 4:18 pm


Have you ever been put in charge of book keeping or finances, have you ever had to use Columns and Rows to work out mathematical equations?  Columns list things vertically, so go up and down, while Rows organise data horizontally, which is side to side.  When you are writing a long list of shopping items, for example you would write them in a Column so everything is easy to read and to follow.  When using a Row to organise your Data you would simple write from left to right.

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Columns are used in many useful ways in and around our homes and Column Radiators are just one great example of how to incorporate horizontal style and practical design into a functioning item.  Rows are more often used when writing expressive stories or journalistic news facts, when a creative author wants to emphasise what they believe to be fact or fiction in a personal way. An easy example of using Rows is when somebody writes a Diary and they record facts that have happened on specific dates.

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Columns and Rows are frequently used with computers and their Software programmes such as; Microsoft Excel, Word and Office systems.  Children use Columns and Rows as soon as they start school as simple addition uses Columns and easy free writing uses Rows.  We continue to use these two simple but practical tools throughout our lives and apply them to hundreds of everyday tasks.